The Future of Marketing: Trends and Techniques for Success

Explore the latest trends and techniques shaping the future of marketing and learn how to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

It’s no surprise that e-commerce brands are seeing a consistent decline in desktop users, while mobile usage increases exponentially across all marketing channels.

According to an Insider Intelligence forecast, US Mcommerce (shopping through mobile devices) will nearly double between 2020 and 2025. In fact, it’s estimated that it will account for $710 billion of global e-commerce revenues in 2025.

Consumers are rapidly migrating away from desktop to mobile, so it’s essential to pivot your marketing strategy accordingly. Here are a few reasons why we are certain SMS Marketing is the future of e-commerce.

  1. Speed.
    Timing is everything. In our crowded digital world, it is essential to hold your customer’s attention. Whether that’s a cart abandonment trigger or a special promotion, if you wait too long to communicate with your customer, someone will win over your audience. In today’s world, the fastest way to communicate with your client is SMS marketing. TechJury found that SMS has a 98% open rate compared to email marketing, with 60% of customers reading texts within 1-5 minutes after receiving them.

    According to EZ Texting’s Mobile Usage Report, 90% of people check new texts within 30 minutes. This is useful data when considering urgent SMS messages. For example, shipping updates, new product launch, flash sales and more.

  2. Personalization.
    Personalization has been a marketing trend for the past few years now, but it continues to become increasingly inescapable. Direct 1:1 conversations with customers is priceless. SMS is a quick way to make communications feel personal and accessible. In fact, according to Juniper Research, the volume of mobile business messaging worldwide reached 2.7 trillion in 2020, an increase of 10% from 2019. Additionally, the CX Trends Report from Zendesk shows that in 2021, requests for customer service via SMS increased by 28%.

    Customers are aware of what they want, but businesses take their time to deliver. According to Forbes, less than a third of consumers report receiving text messages from companies, despite the fact that nearly 93% of consumers wish to interact via text message.

  3. Conversation
    The possibilities with text marketing are endless. Remember the time when print was out go-to? Me neither. Marketing has evolved into an omni-channel solution to stay relevant and memorable. What better way to do so than with a text? Especially when the customer can reply back seamlessly. Unlike a more formal email, SMS / MMS messages can feel more personal.

  4. The Data
    The numbers speak for themselves. SMS Marketing is not only here to stay, but possibly becoming one of the top marketing solutions. Particularly for the younger demographics as the data indicates that this is their preferred mode of communication. According to a Mitto Study, younger groups move faster than their older counterparts when checking texts; 44% of Gen Z consumers look at notifications within a minute of getting a text.

So what are you waiting for?